The Russians are coming. To La Concha

One of the things that I have noticed about the many Russians that I have met – mainly fishing on the lake – is their love of nature.

Growing up in the Soviet-era 80s, we thought that the Russians all lived in drab, grey brutalist tower blocks, and were chomping at the bit to destroy the imperialist West.

In fact the Russians that I encounter love spending time in the countyside, normally with a guitar and, rumour has it, the odd bottle of vodka.

This love of nature hasn’t affected all Russians however, as hikers on La Concha were shocked to find a large Russian flag painted near the top Marbella’s emblematic mountain earlier this week.

The fact that it is located close to bench for Butterfly Children charity DEBRA that was carried up to the top by Marbella firemen sent Social Media into a frenzy. “The mountaineer’s philosophy is to leave mountain just as we found it, so any alteration of the territory is always in bad taste. There should not be any flag”. said one.

It’s not the first time Russians have run into trouble on the mountian. Two years ago a lone, lost Russian teenager started a large blaze when he lit a fire to keep him warm. Perhaps he should have stuck to the vodka…



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