You can spot them on the road a mile away, usually because they are drifting obliviously into your lane or are slow away from the traffic lights.

Drivers who use messaging apps – such as WhatsApp – when behind the wheel, are to be targeted in a new campaign launched this week by the DGT.

Head of the DGT, Pere Navarro, launched the campaign this week, revealing data that shows 32% of all fatal accidents on the nation’s roads were down to the driver being distracted.

Last year over 104,000 people were stopped by Guardia Civil for using a mobile behind the wheel. The punishment is a €200 fine and three points on your licence.

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So here’s a piece of advice. If you feel the need to WhatsApp. Tweet, or check in on Facebook – pull over, stop the car and text away. Rather than the fool I saw texting while negociating the Mercadona roundabout in Nueva Andalucia last month. On his Vespa…