Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club has account embargoed

Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club faces an uncertain future.

Not on the pitch, where the team ground out a superb 18-15 win over third placed CAR Caceres, but with the Patronaro de Recaudacion Provincial de Malaga, (Provincial Treasury of Malaga). who have embargoed the club’s bank account. As I write this the account balance stands at zero.

The embargo has been put in force as the authorities claim that  IBI has not been paid by the club on the playing fields and clubhouse.  The Provincial Treasury is demanding payment of the last four tax periods (from 2011 to 2016) for a total amount, including surcharges, of € 112,238.27.

The embargo has stunned the club, who were given no notice or chance to appeal the drastic decision. bIn a statement Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club pointed out that it had never been required to pay such tax.

Even if that were the case, the value of the land on which the club’s facilities are based, had a value of 15,000,000 Pesetas (€ 90,000). This would imply a tax of around 500 € per year and the 29,000 € per year now required. This increase is caused by the increase in the cadastral value of the land, which now amounts to no less than € 4,202,565.

Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club  also points out that it was at no time notified of the change in the value of the land as required by law and therefore could not oppose such increase. Neither has it been notified of the debt that is applied to it, as the  first news that has had on the matter was the embargo of the bank account.
The exaggerated increase is justified by the change of land use granted by the General Plan of Urban Planning of the year 2010 which, has been declared null by the Supreme Court.

In respinse  the club has decided to appeal the embargo and has asked  the of the Board of Collection to remove the embargo while the appeal is held

“It is the firm intention of the Club to exhaust all the administrative and judicial instances to avoid the unjustified and disproportionate payment of the tax that is now demanded of us” Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club has stated “The payment of IBI, both accumulated debt and future annuities, jeopardizes the livelihood of this club, which, with moderate income, manages to maintain a rugby school and the social work that entails.

“We are confident that the City Council of Marbella and the respective administrations will resolve in our favour and thus be able to continue with our social work, which is none other than to train great athletes and even better people.”

Let’s hope that Marbella Town Hall and the Mayor get behind keeping this great club, which is a fantastic advertisment for Marbella and its multi-national, multi-cultural way of life with the same sort of enthusiasm that they showed  when they cozied up to all the “celebrities” and “galas” that they were so eager to promote at FITUR last week!




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