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Police seized the car as it was being loaded onto a transporter

UK arrest made in Diana Park Murder

Over a month after the fatal stabbing of a youth in Diana Park ( Breaking News. Fatal stabbing at diana park ) police have arrested the main suspect in England

The 21-year-old – who was the subject of an international search and arrest warrant. – was stopped on the A-58 near Leeds on Tuesday. He was immediately taken into police custody and is currently awaiting extradition to Spain. Local press reporst that he already has a criminal record as well as a history of aggresive behaviour.

The National Police investigation focussed on the white, luxury car with British registration, in which the suspect was traveling. Police swopped as a transport company was preparing to transfer it from Spain to England.

As a result police werte able to identified the alleged murderer, as well as how he had managed to leave the country and take refuge in England.

The senseless death of the 19-year-old, identified as Ulrich, shocked the Doana Park community, many of whom where wondering why the police had yet to make an arrest. Social Media forums reported that the alleged killer was widely known in the area, as his parents had a business on the coast.

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