Unexpected Art – an occasional post

You might think that Marbella is a cultural wilderness, more concerned with the latest Bentley than a Francis Bacon.

But if you look closely enough you’ll find unexpected works of Art in unusul places. In the first of a random series of blogs, I’ll be posting them as I find them.

As I’m out in Elviria today, I thought that I’d kick off the series with this Henry Moore-esque sculpture, which is located on a stretch of road between the Elviria Commercial Centre and The Playwright restaurant.

I first noticed it in the 80s when it used to stand in from of the olf Cachmir interior design studio. The studio was demolished, but thankfully the scuplture remains.

If you have a favourite piece of Marbella art that you’d like me to feature, leave me a comment, and if anyone knows the history of this piece I’d love to heard about it to.


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