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United Nations of Marbella

Marbella’s melting pot of nationalities are getting together to make their views known in the first United Nations of Marbella seminar next month.

Hosted by Nicole King and TV programme Marbella Now, the summit takes place on  Tuesday, April 5 at Laude International College in  San Pedro. The aim of the day is to unite all the nationalities living in Marbella and giving residents a voice to identify issues in Marbella and search for solutions together. E

Four morning sessions will cover the important issues of –
· Sustainable Marbella – Building a strong, profitable local economy that does not impact on the environment
· Marbella as a Year Round Destination – How residents can improve travel, take full advantage of the art and culture and activities on offer and improve Marbella off season
· Improving integration with the Spanish community – How expat residents can become Marbella citizens and work and live alongside the Spanish
· Charitable Marbella – Helping the underprivileged in society and encouraging charities to collaborate for the best results.

Each session will be led by an expert in the field and participants will workshop to identify key issues, making proposals to solve the most important issues.

The aim is to have an interesting, engaging day which will appeal to all community spirited individuals that love Marbella and want to make it an even better place to live, work and holiday. Registration is free for the event, and there is a 10€ cost for refreshments and lunch.

This forum is followed by an afternoon presentation and workshop with Michael Tellinger from 3.30 – 7.30pm. Michael promotes the philosophy of #UBUNTU – a community of contributionism which does not depend on money.

Registrations can be made for the morning or afternoon sessions, with or without lunch via the website Marbella Azul and more information can be found on Facebook

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