Va por ti! This is for you!

Liz Parry’s popular book exploring Spanish language, customs and people gets an update

Sixteen years after the publication of “Liz Parry’s Spanish Phrase Book” (Santana Books 2004) based on the award-winning column “Spanish Language and Customs” in SUR in English, comes a new edition entitled “¡Va por ti! This is for you!”

With an introduction by Joanna Styles of and new illustrations by SUR cartoonists Idígoras, Pachi and Sansón, the book has been updated with new material and expressions for readers interested in understanding Spain and in learning the right words for specific situations.

Liz says: “Updating the book has really been a labour of love! I love living in Spain and I love the language and the people… and I love the cartoons, which illustrate the issues that concern Spaniards with a healthy dose of humour! I’ve been working on the book since I retired, and I see it as a continuation of the SUR in English slogan of ‘Linking communities’”.


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