Vikings were spotted on the beach in Marbella this weekend.

Maria Bravo and Katheryn Winnik  – star of the hit TV series Vikings – kicked off the summer season at  fashionable Marbella Beach Club Playa Padre.



Bravo, who is a co-owner of Playa Padre together with Nicolás Escanez, Albert Beniflah and other members of the MOSH Group.  said: “It is a pleasure to start the summer season of Playa Padre with Katheryn. We came directly from Cannes where I celebrated my most exclusive gala, the Global Gift Initiative of which Katheryn is an ambassador.

Katheryn said: “It’s wonderful to be in Marbella to open Playa Padre with my friend Maria. She’s talked so much to me about this place that I really wanted to come here! Although I’m flying back to Los Angeles tomorrow, I’m looking forward to returning to Marbella. ”