Wanted neo-fascist terrorist arrested in Marbella

Spanish police have arrested a member an Italian neo-fascist terrorist group who had been on the run since 2012.

The woman was a member of Los Núcleos Armados Revolucionarios (NAR), the terrorist group behind the Bologna station bombing in 1980 that killed 85 people and injured 200.

The Bologna railway station bombing in 1980 killed 85 and injured over 200

Sentenced by an Italian court, the woman fled to France where she was detained under house arrest awaiting extradition to Italy. She escaped and had been on the run ever since.

In addition to the arrest the investigation, carried out in co-operation with the Italian police, also located the body of a second terrorist. He had died in February but the body had not been claimed by relatives.

In August Italy marked the 40th anniversary of the bombing, the worse terrorist attack in the country since the Second World War.


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