Summer’s here and the time is right to drive with the windows open, no shirt or shoes, music blearing and gesticulate to that idiot that just cut you up!

Or not.

There is a variety of little known infractions that can result in you losing copious amounts of your hard earned  money. Some are  so obscure and unbelievable that it is easy to fall foul of the law and find yourself with a sanction without even realising that you’ve done anything wrong

Insurance agency has put together the following top 10 list of the strangest things that drivers have been fined for, which all appear in the Reglamento General de Circulación (General Traffic Law).

Driving with one hand or arm outside of the vehicle can lead to a fine of 100 euro. Article 18 of the General Traffic Law states that the driver and passengers should always maintain a sensible position inside the vehicle.

Driving without wearing a T-shirt or shirt, barefoot or wearing flip-flops comes with a fine of 200 euro for not driving with the correct clothing or footwear, which could diminish the driver’s capacity to control the vehicle.

You have to be extremely careful when parking on sand at the beach because if the area is classified as ‘protected’, you could end up with a fine of up to 6,000 euro.
Making the most of being stationary at a red light to touch up your make-up or eat something could cost you 200 euro and two points off your license.

Driving with the music blasting out in an area where quiet is required, like a hospital, or during the early hours of the morning will be sanctioned with a fine of 80-100 euro. In one case, a fine of 2,400 euro was imposed for not allowing neighbours to sleep.

You should only use the car horn in cases of emergency, to avoid an accident or if you want to overtake someone and alert them of your action. Any other use could lead to an 80-euro fine.

Driving in the left-hand lane or in the middle lane if the right-hand lane is free could result in a fine of 200 euro, according to Articles 28 and 31.

Be careful if you’re having an argument whilst driving, as if you’re seen taking your eye off the road on several occasions, you could end up with a fine of 80 euro. The same amount will be applied if the driver is caught biting his nails, kissing the co-pilot or insulting other drivers using hand signals!Both hands should be kept on the steering wheel whilst driving and the driver’s ears should be visible.

Filling up the car with petrol with the radio on comes with a fine of up to 91 euro.