We don’t decide opening hours. Marbella mayor on Starlite controversy

Marbella mayor José Bernal has spoken of his bewilderment about the Starlite opening hours controversy.

The organisers of the festival, now in its sixth year, reacted angrily when Marbella police carried out a routine check of the site last week, and informed them that the lounge area has to close at 2am. Starlite has since denounced Marbella Town Hall as actively blocking the festival, that it will sue for damages, and that it will move to another town next year.

Mayor José Bernal stressed that “I do not understand the controversy this year” and pointed out that “if Starlite left for Estepona, the lounge would have the same problem with its opening hours.”

He also clarified that the controversy was the lounge area next to the auditorium and that there was no problem with the concerts, but that the daily opening hours are until two and on weekends until three, according to a regulation for all Andalucia

“There are other days with special authorisations that allow opening until six and that’s how it’s always been,” he said. “I still do not understand the controversy because we have only enforced the law for the lounge, just as we would for anyone who has a bar at the marina.”

Mayor Bernal repeated that the opening hours are regulated by the Junta de Andalucia, so “if Starlite wants to go to any other municipality in Andalucia, the lounge will have the same problem whether it is in Estepona, Benahavís, Vélez Rubio Or Almeria. ”



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