Who gets what – Marbella puts wages on web!

Ever wonder how much Marbella’s mayor gets paid? Well know you can find out – online!

Marbella Town Hall took another step in its commitment to transparency with the publication of the wages, training and personal tax declarations members of the administration on the website www.marbella.es. It also listed the responsibilities of various councillors.

“It’s important that people know with certainty who people are, what part they play and why they are well suited to their role,” said Head of Communication, Miguel Diaz (pictured above). He also pointed out that this information was not made public in the two previous legislatures.

Diaz has stressed that after just 60 days in office “we can say that this is the most transparent Town Hall in Marbella’s history”.

Areas such as planning and contracting will also soon be made public on the web “The limits we have are the human and technical capacity but soon all that information will be on the web via only a click,” he added.

As well as this Town Hall broadcasting on RTV has also become more open “There is a level of transparency and local participation as has never been in this town and we want to go further” .

A shake up and streamlining in the Town Hall adminstation has already resulted in a saving of €600,000 euros.

(And if you are wondering, Marbella mayor Jose Bernal is paid €56, 577)

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