The scene of the brawl

With friends like these…

We’ve all had arguments between mates. But things got a little out of hand in Marbella after an afternoon with four friends turned into a vicious street brawl.

National Police were called in to break up the fight in calle Francisco de Quevedo, close to the Muncipal Market, at around 10.30pm on Friday night.

The group had been together all afternoon when the fight broke out, apparently after one of them damaged another’s car. The ensuing melee saw the use of a variety of objects, including knives and golf clubs.

Police arrested three of the men – all Spanish and aged between 31 and 38 – although they were then transfered to hospital to treat their injuries, which included stab wounds and bruises to the head.

Although two were kept in hospital for observation, none of the injuries were described as serious.

The police report didn’t mention if the four men had been under the influence of drink or drugs, so I’m betting on a dodgy prawn that sent them all loopy…

Photo – Marbella se queja

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