Wuhan Zall FC arrives on the coast

While the world anxiously monitors the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, the city’s football team Wuhan Zall arrived in Malaga today ahead of a three week training camp.

The First Division team, whose coach is the former Malaga manager  José González, arrived without showing any “virus-related symptoms”, according to a statement by the Board of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucia.

The outbreak has its epicentre in Wuhan, where it has infected over 4,500 people and killed over 100 victims.

The Junta also stressed that the football team was previously in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, about a thousand kilometres from Wuhan, so they were not in the ‘ground zero’ of the coronavirus when it began to spread.

Wuhan Zall has been out of the city since January 2 and, therefore, has passed the maximum incubation period the statement continues.

The team will stay in Sotogrande where it will remain until February 18 and the Coronavirus Monitoring Advisory Group in Andalusia will carry out a follow-up check when the team arrives.

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