Monday Motivation: Thin White Privilege by Ali Silver

Before I start this post, I want to be clear – I am not an expert on the subject of privilege and I do not claim to.

I can’t claim to know what it is like living in a body that has been shamed, criticised and made into an ‘epidemic’ by the media. But I am well aware of my privilege and I’m learning.

People cannot help their position, anymore than you or I can, but it was interesting to me how they did not and could not accept that obesity MAY NOT EQUAL DEATH AND DISEASE!!

I explain weight stigma and fat phobia and the pressure of being thin and beautiful (men included).

I tell the research. I even email with links, as people are desperate to dispute me

This is totally fine, I am always prepared with stats and research – and I’m aware they have been taught a black and white version of health and weight.

What I want to share though, is that Health At Every Size and the Body Positivity movement WAS NOT MADE FOR THEM!! It was not created for white thin males or females. It was created to empower bodies, sizes, genders, colours and abilities who felt discriminated, ashamed, and were sick of feeling that way

HAES is about rejecting diets and finally feeling happy in your skin right now, as it is. Not once you change and lose 5/10kgs. Not if you start exercising and counting calories or lighten your skin – But right now. 👇🏻

HAES is giving a much needed voice to everyone who feels they are less than, but it is not FOR the majority – it is not FOR the ones who haven’t struggled to be physically accepted.

Yes, there’s so much research showing this that and the other but this is what gets me – where is the COMPASSION for people? To see people as more that diseases and statistics?

Obesity does not mean death and disease. But even if it did, can we look at obese people as just people? Not as a THING that needs to be changed and manipulated and even fetishised?

There’s so much more to say on this subject, and I plan to write more  on it, but for now I’ll finish on this – nothing in life is black and white, especially not in health.

Monday Motivation: Thin White Privilege by Ali Silver

Before I start this post, I want to be clear – I am not an expert on the subject of privilege and I do not claim to. I can’t claim to know what it is like living in a body that has been shamed,…

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