It’s Only Rock n Roll

Last year I wrote about my friend Fish’s visit from Washington, and the jam session that we had. During the 80s we had a band that consisted of various Marbella Rock n Roll types that went through several incantations.

The first line up – ‘Medicine Show’ - consisted of myself, Fish and the fabulously named and sadly now departed to the Great Gig in the Sky Brenton Macbeth Blackwood. I left to London to continue what is laughingly referred to as my career, and the band then became ‘The Good, the Bad and the Nice’, when the supremely talented Nader and Adam joined.

Adam left to NYC, becoming a regular on the live music circuit there, Nader to Brussels for a while –continuing to record superb music and returning to build his dream musician’s villa in the hills overlooking Marbella. Fish moved to Colombia, where he gigged at the Hard Rock Café, Bogota in all probability to an audience of Shakira and Scarface lookalikes. In the meantime, I struggled to fret a B chord.

While he was over last time, we all got together for an afternoon jam session, where things went so well that we decided that we should it again.

Be careful what you wish for. This month Fish celebrated a ‘landmark birthday’, and, as Paola, his ridiculously gorgeous Colombian wife, had rented a nine-bedroom villa, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get the band back together, man.

Two run-throughs in the week leading up to the party and we were ready to perform. As celebrations go, Fish’s birthday was one of the best. Great friends, fabulous food and enough free flowing booze to stop a Heavy Cavalry charge. We had all clubbed together to buy the man himself a handmade Spanish guitar, a gift that actually had him shocked. And as a, ahem, ‘specialist’ who has been to some of the world’s most (double ahem) ‘interesting’ places – a mobile phone call in Kabul springs to mind, where I thought there was crackling on the line but was blithely informed it was small arms fire – the present had him lost for words.

The gig itself was huge fun with classics such as "Psycho Killer", "Cocaine" and a very lose version of "Cuba" getting everyone dancing. I managed not to hit too many bum notes and we even renamed the band. After 30 years three of us no longer have our hair, so we renamed ourselves…

The Good, The BALD and The Nice!

It’s Only Rock n Roll

Last year I wrote about my friend Fish’s visit from Washington, and the jam session that we had. During the 80s we had a band that consisted of various Marbella Rock n Roll types that went through…

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Leading environmentalist to visit Marbella

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Trick or Treat walked off with three awards at MIFF

“Trick or Treat” takes Best Feature at MIFF 2019

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Eva Longoria was all class

Get the celebrity out of here!

It was J-Lo that started me pondering the nature of celebrity. Jennifer Lopez may have wowed her fans with her performance on the coast last month, but the singer certainly didn’t impress the Press.…

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Todd Terry plays Marbella tonight

It’s a beautiful day for a Chicnic!

Proof that the Weather Gods are House Music fans, the early morning mist has gone and the forecast for today's Chicnic couldn't be better! Taking place at the stunning Finca La Conception, one of…

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Thomas Cook Hotels

British Ambassador reassures holiday makers Thomas Cook hotels will be paid

Following the collapse of Thomas Cook, some tourists who have travelled out from the UK on Thomas Cook package holidays have been asked to pay for their hotels. This should not be happening. The UK’s…

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San Pedro or San Porno?

Marbella Town Hall has made a high profile clampdown on people walking around without their shirts on recently. So we can hardly imagine what the reaction would have been if they had seen what was…

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More bad weather forecast for weekend

Marbella has been placed on yellow alert for storms and rain as more bad weather is due to hit over the next 24 hours The Spanish Meterological Office  - AEMET - has warned that showers and storms…

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Todd Terry Headlines Chicnic

Something Different…Something New…Something Chic… If you think that all the the action and excitement has finished now that August is over and the summer crowds have left, think…

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Storm of the century

Last weeks storm's have been declared the worst in over a century, after the national meteorological agency – AEMET – released new data. More rain fell in one day than in a year on average in places,…

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