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Playa de la Malagueta

San Juankerd!

Once again the beaches of Malaga province were busy last night with crowds celebrating Noche de San Juan And once again those same beaches were left looking like disaster zones – strewn with bottles and bags thoughtlessly discarded by those careless crowds. Pictured above was the disgusting scene at Malaga’s

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Bikini Bimbo Busted!

An early contender for this year’s Darwin award, the woman who was filmed dancing through the sunroof of a moving Porsche Cayanne on Sunday has been fined for her, ahem, “actions”. In the video, that quickly went viral internationally, the bikini clad woman can be seen on the roof of

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Brainless in Banus!

The old adage that people leave their brains at Gatwick when they come to Marbella is still in force, as these photos taken over the weekend prove Online videos of idiots sitting on the sunroofs of their cars as they speed along the main road, have been doing the rounds.

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BREAKING NEWS – Pujerra fire finally under control

Tireless efforts by the firefighting teams overnight finally brought the Pujerra wildfire under control this morning INFOCA, the forrest fire fighting organisation, declared that the blaze had been stabilised at 9am, and that teams were now working on extinguishing the few pockets of fire that were still burning. The fire

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BREAKING NEWS – Olivia Valère dies

Olivia Valère, Queen of Marbella nightlife, has died aged 75 after a long illness. After opening her first club in Paris in 1981, Olivia moved to Marbella in the mid 80s. By the 90s she was the centre of Marbella’s social scene, opening her Arabian Night’s style club on the

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Miss Raw rewrites the restaurant rulebook!

Miss Raw, an exciting World Fusion restaurant in the Marbella Arena takes you on a gastronomic experience like no other. Based around the concept of the mythical Miss Raw – an “entity that has travelled the world enjoying memorable experiences and who now wants to recreate all these great times

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Three men arrested after high speed chase

Three men were arrested last night after a high speed police chase from Mijas to Cancelada, and then back to Calahonda! Police were alerted at 11.30 last night as a car was spotted travelling at maximum speed along the A-7. The driver made a series of highly dangerous moves, including

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Death of a Princess

Marbella society was in shock yesterday as news broke of the death of one of its brightest stars The former princess of Qatar, Kasia Gallanio, 46, was found dead at her apartment in Puerto Banus on Sunday, French newspaper Le Parisien reported. Gallanio was the third wife of Abdelaziz bin

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Sunday Morning Mutterings – The Sounds of summer

May is one of my favourite months in Spain. After the recent rains, the campo around the Casita has erupted into riotous full bloom. Naturalists such as Sir David Attenborough would no doubt point out that all this blooming plus the bird song and rustlings in the undergrowth by the

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